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At age 15, your dad
expects a hug when you come home, you thank
him by going into your room.

At age 18, he cries
at your graduation, you thank him by partying
all night.

At age 26 he pays for your wedding,
you thank him by moving states.

At age 50, he
falls ill and you weren't there. He slowly dies,
and it all came crashing down on ur heart.

its so unfair :(

If you love your dad, like this post !!

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Lovable Story !

A Flight Was Flying Through The Clouds.
Suddenly, It Lost The Balance ,

...Everyone Started Shouting In Fear.
But A Small Girl Kept Playing Wid Her Toy,

After An Hour , The Flight Was Landed Safely.
A Man Asked The Small Girl,

"How Could You Play With Your Toy When Everyone Was Afraid ?
"The Small Girl Smiled And Said"

"My Dad Is The Pilot , I Knew He Will Land Me Safely"

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