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That annoying moment when your parents start with: "when I was your age.."
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Boy: Hey dad, I got a girlfriend! Dad: Good job son! Girl: Hey daddy, I got a boyfriend! Dad: *Loads shotgun*
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Wife: Hi, Did You Eat?

Husband: Did You Eat?

Wife: Are You Copying Me?

Husband: Are You Copying Me?

Wife: I Love You!

Husband: Yes, I Already Ate :))

Daughter : I am in love with the neighbor, so I am running away with him.

Dad: Thanks , you have saved my money & time.

Daughter: Dad, I am reading the letter left by Mom!

Hahahaha xD !!

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Dad: Just killed a GIANT SPIDER
near your room.
Daughter: Thanks dad. You know me,
I would have freaked out!
Dad: Oh yeah, I left its body on the floor so the other bugs know
not to mess with me.