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A little Indian Boy wanted Rs50, so he prayed 4 weeks, but nothing happened.
Finally he decided 2 write a letter 2 God requesting Rs50.

When post office staff received a letter addressed 2 God, they forwarded it 2 the President.

... ... President was so amused, she instructed her secretary 2 send the little boy Rs 20.
As she thought Rs50 would be a lot of
money for him.

The little boy was delighted with Rs20 & decided 2 write a thank u note 2 God.

'Dear God, Thank u very much 4 sending d money. However,
I noticed dat u ev sent it through 'Rashtrapati Bhavan' (Through Government Building) & those corrupt donkeys ate my 30 rupees! :D'

Childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers what you did, except you.
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My four year old sister & i were looking at my baby pictures. she points to one & says "you were so cute when you were a baby!" i asked her if i was still cute. she looks up at me and says "now you're beautiful."

Little boy and girl playing in the field :

Boy : will you marry me ???
Girl : yes, but why do u wanna marry me ?
Boy : so i can kiss you every day,
......4 the rest off my life,
whenever i want 2.. <3 <3

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-> A Kids Cute Love:

Even though I Got Beaten;
By My Mom and Teacher
for Breaking Pencil Tip..!


Still I Do It Coz;
My Girl Smiles While
Giving Me The Sharpener.. <3 <3 :)

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