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A psychic talking to a ghost..

PSYCHIC: why did you die?

GHOST: i was hit by a car trying to save


GHOST: because i don't want her to get hurt.

PSYCHIC: you really love her a lot cause you've
sacrificed your own life just 4 her.
maybe she's sad now,because of ur death.

GHOST: no. she's very happy cause d one that i
saved is D man that she loves.

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Superb Love Quote
By A Broken Lover

"I hurt me more than
I deserve ...
...Is it just because
I loved U more than
What U deserve . . ?" :(

Its Not Hard To Sacrifice Something For Someone,

But Its Extremely Hard To Find Someone Who
Deserves That Sacrifice...:)

Sometimes you have to let Go, to see if there was anything worth holding onto...... " So I did.. " Then inside that moment, I never understood how hard it was to lose something I never had.. ...:(

Yesterday Morning,
I Woke Up With Tears In My Eyes
And One Rolling Down My Cheek
And Realized That I Must Have Been Dreaming
Of You Again... :(