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Love ur love so much,
that u dont have 2 ask
'with whom were u?'


Trust ur friend so much,
that u dont have 2 say,
'Dont tell it 2 anyone'

The Day When Your Friends Stop Bringing
Their Problems To You Is The Day You Have Lost Command Over Their Hearts..

Boy: I Think You Are ABCDEFGHIJK...!!

Girl: What Does That Mean...?

Boy: Adorable, Beautiful, Charming, Delightful, Elegant, Feisty, Gorgeous, Hot.

Girl: What does The "I J K" stand for?

Boy: I'm Just Kidding...! OUCH...:D :P

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10 years of Age,you consider parents & friends as best,
20, you feel friends and your lover r best,

30, you feel your friends & your wife r best,
40, you feel your friends & your kids r best,

50, you feel your friends & relatives r best,
60,& even till death you feel your friend is d best,

Moral- People may leave you in any part of life But "FRIENDS are FOREVER ^_^

Sometimes you just need to keep a distance between Some people ..

If they care, they will notice ..

If they dont ..

You know where you stand with them... ;-)

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