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I've learned that when it hurts too much inside your heart, it always has a way of showing, no matter how many masks you wear.
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No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you'll never get through it without your friends.

A small luv story... ♥ ♥

A boy and a girl Loved each other very much.
Unfortunately the Girl Died..:(

... ...Boy was Upset so much;
and he couldn't Stop his Tears.
...He kept on Crying Day and Night..:'(

Many People gave Sympathy,
but no Argument could Stop His Tears.

One Night He Slept and had a Dream;
He saw the Girl in Heaven with so many Girls of Her age.
He felt Relax..

But He Noticed that every Girl was in Fairy Dress;
and had a Lightened Candle in their Hands,
but his GF had a Candle which was not Lightened..!

He asked Her:
"Y Ur Candle is not Lightened?"

She said:
"Whenever I enlighten My Candle;
Ur Tears fall on it..!
Please Stop Crying.."

A dead girl was taken 2 heaven ..

Angel was shocked 2 see her heart beating ..

Angel Asked her why is it still beating?

Girl Replied: Iím dead but my Lover Still lives in my heart ..

Angel smiled ..


The Girl was send back to ..



For Over Acting!! xD xP

Don't worry about me, my hearts not broken anymore. You should be worrying about yourself cause as far as I can see, you`re still an asshole