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10 years of Age,you consider parents & friends as best,
20, you feel friends and your lover r best,

30, you feel your friends & your wife r best,
40, you feel your friends & your kids r best,

50, you feel your friends & relatives r best,
60,& even till death you feel your friend is d best,

Moral- People may leave you in any part of life But "FRIENDS are FOREVER ^_^

Old friends are Gold
New Friends may be Diamond .
If you get Diamond , don't ever forget the Gold .
Because to hold a Diamond you always need a base of Gold .

"It's hard to say hello..because it might be goodbye...It's hard to say I'm okay..because sometimes I'm not... But it's easy to say I miss you.. because I know that I really do..." <3 <3 :)
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The Day When Your Friends Stop Bringing
Their Problems To You Is The Day You Have Lost Command Over Their Hearts..

Forget the times she walked by.

Forget the times she made you cry.

Forget the times she spoke your name.
Remember now, you're not the same.

Forget the times she held your hand.

Forget the sweet things if you can.

Forget the times and don't pretend.

Remember now, she's just your friend.