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There are only two people,

Who can Tell u the Truth About You...

A Friend who has Lost his Temper,


An Enemy who Starts Loving You..

You Never Realize how Much U Like Someone;
Until U Watch Them with Someone Else..♥ !! =)

Like If Agree....

I Have Learnt..
I Came Alone And I Have To Go Alone..

I Have Learnt..
Some People Are With You Only When They Need You,Not Otherwise..

I Have Learnt..
If You Care For Someone Too Much You Will Be Hurt And Ultimately Blamed ..

I Have Learnt..
A Simple Lie Of Your Close One Can Break You More Than Anythng..

I Have Learnt..
Its Hard To Weep Alone When There Is No Shoulder For Support..

I Have Learnt..
Love Someone But Not So Much That You Forget Too Keep Some Love For Yourself

Shakespeare said :
Caring for someone is easy
But to make someone Care for you is difficult!
So,never lose the one who really cares for u!

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