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A true love is not from the one who wants to be always beside you, its from the one who is always thinking and cares.
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Care abt those people who touchd ur life.
You never know when they will be out of your life to never come back.

So take care of them who loves You more then YOU! <3

Girl:- If I ask you 2 give up Everything 4 me, will you?
Boy:- No
Girl:- *Sobbing* Why ? =(

Boy:- Because you're my everything
and I can't give you up(♥)♥♥

A Sad girl was sitting with her husband

Husband: U r d second most beautiful girl, I've ever seen.

Girl: Who's the first?

Husband: It's YOU When u sMíle.. <3

Boy: Why don't you like me?
Girl: I do, it's just...
Boy: Just what?
Girl:I'm afraid to fall again.
Boy: This time will be different.
Girl: How?
Boy: I'll catch you. I promise...! (♥)..