Ego is like a balloon, it gets bigger and bigger till it just blows up in your face!
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"its tough when someone special in your life starts to ignore you..but its even tougher to pretend that u dont mind.."
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Girl: You know what kind of wedding I want?
Boy: No, what kind?
Girl: I hav always dreamt of a big wedding,
in a place filled with flowers and friends.
Boy: Thats nice..
Girl: Yeah, so what kind of wedding do you want?
Boy: One that would make you my wife...

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Dad: Just killed a GIANT SPIDER
near your room.
Daughter: Thanks dad. You know me,
I would have freaked out!
Dad: Oh yeah, I left its body on the floor so the other bugs know
not to mess with me.

* Never talk abut feelings,
...if they aren't really there
* Never hold my hand,
...if u going 2 break my heart
* Never say u r going 2,
...if u don't plan 2 start
* Never look in my eyes,
...if all u do is lie
* Never say hello,
...if u really mean goodbye! =((