Itís not the break up that truly hurts, itís the heartache you feel every time you hear their name, see, or remember them.

Take away love and our earth is a tomb.

~Robert Browning

A boy and a girl were sitting together both were best friends. Boy takes out a rose .
Girl : This for who ?
Boy : Smiles and say this is for my princess... but I just cant give it to her..
Girl : At least try.. she will be happy...
Boy gets up and goes away..
...Girl : Hey, your rose.. you left it here.
Boy : I told you it's for my princess... <3 <3 :)

Boy : what should I do?
Girl : just follow your heart.
Boy : what do you think my heart says ?
Girl : I don't know... I'm not your heart.
Boy : you're most of it. <3

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In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life.

~Bliss and Cerney