He Saw The Tears In Her
As She Blocked Everyone Out..
"Whats Wrong?"He Asked
"Nuthing , I'm fine.."
She gave a false Smile..
He Looked At Her,
Took Her by The Waist;
and Pulled Her Close,
Pushing His Face against Hers:
and He Whispered:
"Now... Tell me the Truth ??"

psychological fact #59
yawning is contagious.
even thinking about yawning is enough.
after reading this, there is a 50% chance that you will yawn

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That one mood where you cant figure out whats wrong or bothering you =/
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When a girl sms's you everyday, she wants you to reply at least once.
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Next to power without honor, the most dangerous thing in the world is power without humor.

~Eric Sevareid