Love grants in a moment
What toil can hardly achieve in an age.

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Girl: "Hey babe, I need to talk to you."
Guy: "Wait you're not..."
Girl: "Ummm.. No.. But, What would you do if I moved?"
Guy: "Like.. School's or houses?"
Girl: "School's... :/"
Guy: "...."
Girl: "Babe.."
Guy: *Walks away* Girl: "COME BACK!"
Guy: "Why should I? We need to go and figure out how I can make myself fit into your suitcase."

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That awkward moment when you're talking about someone and they're right behind you.

Admit it, when a guy gives you a compliment you automatically think he is into you.
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It's sad when someone you used to see everyday isn't even apart of your life anymore.
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